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Ball revamped 5 Hacked!

2007-08-12 18:50:12 by Paperclip07

(!--- Official GSH Hack notice Start ---!)
Game: Ball Revamped 5: Synergy
Link to hack: /highscores.php
Names used for hack: Paperclip07, hAcKeR, Paperclip07 (GSH)
Tool used for hack: Tamper data
Hack form: Flash / PHP (noHash)
Comments / Suggestions:
To TastyLamp, You are my idol, (besides SBC) but you need to learn how to code PHP hashes.
(!--- Official GSH Hack notice End ---!)

You've just been hacked.

"Please quit" success

2007-08-11 17:06:27 by Paperclip07

A message i sent to my mother via newgrounds made it through review and I will email it to her soon. this flash is a message where I can easily let out my feelings, since im not that good with words when it comes to things like this. thanks a lot guys :)!

2007-08-09 16:38:30 by Paperclip07

Preparing for Clock day '07, Ive decided to join the Clock Crew. Yes, Im still only a Clockfriend, but i hope to be a clock soon, once they see my programming skills and my flash and graphics skills, i dont think it will be long. Promote clock day OR DIE

I... Hate... Photoshop.

2007-08-08 17:27:58 by Paperclip07

I downloaded Photoshop CS3 and it sucks balls compared to Fireworks. Adobe has like ruined everything. thanks.

Photoshop! yayyy

2007-08-05 00:36:42 by Paperclip07

Ive finally installing Photoshop CS3! Now because I cant come out and say that I get it for free at, I'm going to say that I bought it. yup. I used to have Fireworks 8 by Macromedia (bought it, yeah. :P) now i can make better sigs and avvys and crap.


2007-08-02 15:57:03 by Paperclip07

Ive finally found a good blog that I can maintain! Mabye Ill find out the XMl for this so that I can add diggs. Probably no one's going to see this, but its worth a shot. I own a Game modding place called GSHax. Email me for a trainer, hack, or mod. please include details.
email me!